ipod won't go off

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just had it a day, and i'm stuck

when importing a cd(a burned cd) the iTunes froze on last song. the Ipod now won't turn off. i've followed reset tips from apple: hold on/off hold down menu and play for ten seconds. tried plugging it to the power adapter and hold down same buttons. i've updated iTunes too.

what gives?

iPod 30G


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    Just wait til the battery runs out...
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    gee, thanks.

    are you serious thou?
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    Try setting your iPod on a flat surface, and holding down the menu and play buttons with different fingers. You might have to repeat this sequence several times for it to work.

    If this doesn't work, your directory structure might have been messed up... Does it still play songs? Does it connect ok to your computer? Can you transfer/delete songs?

    A quick google search brought up this:


    And this:


    In worst case scenario, like I said, just wait til the battery runs out.
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    Another thing, under "Settings" > "Main menu" there should be the option "Sleep", which is the same as turning off the ipod. Try activating the menu item, and under the main menu you'll have the option to turn the iPod to sleep. Try if that works.

    Absolutely worst case scenario, return your iPod. It's just one day old, so it should still be under warranty.
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    it was because i had it on a usb hub. i switched it directly to the computer it works fine now. only bummer is i have no ports on front, it'll be a pain to plug up every time.

    (whats with all the popups on this board?)
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    The iPod's come with two cables, you could just leave the cable you don't use with your charger plugged in the computer at all times. Or switching around the cables on the USB hub and see if that helps.
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