Questions about the iMac

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I'm just about ready to order a new iMac, pending a few detailed hardware reviews. I have some general questions to ask about the iMac for those who already own one:

1) Is it still upgradeable, ie, can I take the back off and replace components like RAM, etc? The first generation iMac allowed this. I'm considering getting a third party RAM upgrade to 1 Gb.

2) How good is the sound that's projected from the stand onto the desk (ie, no external speakers) ?

3) I know that it's possible to use a second monitor for the iMac. Is it possible to use the iMac itself as an external monitor for another computer (ie: Video in)? I imagine the answer is no.

4) Is it possible to lock it to my desk with a standard laptop lock (ie, the one that fits in that tiny slot) ?

5) In your experience, is there any real difference in the reliability, configuration, parts, quality, etc, between the 17 inch and the 20 inch, or are they both essentially the same (aside from the stated specs of processor, monitor size, harddrive, etc) ?

Many of these answers won't affect my decision to buy it, but they'll let me know what I'm getting myself into. For example, if I can't use a standard laptop lock for it, I need to figure out another way to lock it to my desk once I've bought it.
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