The Headphone/Earphone/Earbud Debate. Advice and Experiences?

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So like a lot of folks I talk to, I am not all that pleased with my 5G iPod's earbuds or whatever the hell you'd like to call them. I find the bass response marginal unless I fit them in my ear with the actual speaker facing front (as opposed to head on to the ear canal).

I was looking at the Griffin Earjams. But I found mixed reviews. Some people say that while they get better bass, the treble is muddled and the wuality gets "fuzzy"...especially with classical music. This is a problem as I listen to a great range of musical styles.

I also looked at Apple's in ear headphones, but found similarly mixed reviews.

Please post your experiences and advice on a low cost headphone solution or add-on.



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    Well if you want to lay out the money the Grado SR60/80/125/etc... are typically the best headphones for the money and the extra money spent for each one up the range does yield noticeable improvement - which is nice. However they are headphones with the size that that entails.

    The cheapest good earbuds I know are Sennheiser MX450s or the slightly (like 2 dollars) cheaper MX350s. Avoid the 250's at all costs, and the MX500s have a volume control over the 450's, nothing else. Of course these are regular, not in-ear earbuds.

    I don't use in-ear earbuds so I can't offer any advice on those. However no earbuds are going to match up to a decent headphone in any regard.
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    my wife bought me some in ear phones for xmas they are a bit fiddly to get right in your ear i must have funny shaped ears !! but they sound pretty good for what they cost !!!!
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