Aperture on a Mac Book Pro?

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Hi, if everything goes as planned, the universal binaries for most of Apple's pro software should be ready by march if I'm not mistaken?

I would love to be able to run Aperture on a new Mac Book Pro, but does anyone know if it is fast enough or if it will be supported?

I believe that Aperture requires a 2.0 Ghz G5 or higher, but do we know how that translates to the new Mactels?

If anyone has any further information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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    I imagine that it would be runable as long as you have 1.5GB+ of RAM, but it might not be as smooth as when Steve showed it to us.

    I wouldn't want to possibly waste $500, though, so when the universal version does come out, I recommend you go down to a local Apple Store and talk to a rep there who might be able to give some advice (or you can just call Apple... though real-life Apple Store reps are generally more honest).
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    Look at it this way: once there's a native Intel version of Aperture, the MacBook Pro will be in an entirely different league of performance compared to the PowerBook G4.

    It's impossible to comment on how well it would run without first-hand experience, but just having a second processor core means that a multi-threaded app such as Aperture will benefit quite a bit.

    Aperture doesn't require a G5. Apple does recommend one, however. I wouldn't be surprised if the 1.83 GHz Core Duo translates roughly to at least a dual 1.8 GHz G5 (or slightly better) in practical performance, which would mean that Apple would finally have a laptop that could be preferred for Aperture, as opposed to merely being capable of running it.
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    High speed HD and boatloads of ram are also import for making Aperture fast. Get the 7200rpm drive and another 1GB stick of DDR2
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