in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does anyone know if Apple intends to do anything more with AddressBook? New version? More powerful features?

It would be awesome if AddressBook could somehow work seamlessly and inside of the other contact programs like Entourage, Mail, Eudora, etc to avoid all of the weird syncing methods, duplication of data that we all now experience. A central respository for contacts.

I think I have read that BeOS had something like this.

Maybe someone else is already working on something like this? Oh, to be a developer.....

Currently, AddressBook by itself is extremely lacking for any type of business. Some features would need to be added for detail. (multiple email, fax, phone numbers, etc) Maybe all of this info could be stored in your user library so that it doesn't need to be copied directly into and duplicated into other apps.(Also easier to back up!)

I just tried a new software demo for daylite, a cocoa based CRM that would be really slick if AddressBook was it's repository. It would be nice to know that whenever you change contact info that it is actually only being changed at the hub, it's source, in an app like AddressBook.


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