System slows to a crawl when 1394 device plugged in???

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Running 10.4

on a new partition of

G4 733

when i plug in my hard drives to this machine

it slows to a crawl and seems on the verge of a crash.

i put the devices away-

problem solved.


both external firewire hard drives.

one's a maxtor 80gb

the other i think is a hitachi in a generic case.


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    I'm wondering if it's spotlight trying to create search table for your harddrives, that should take some time, but after sorting they should woork normally. Try to put those drives to spotlights ignore list
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    thank you.

    where/how i do that?
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    Originally posted by bluesigns

    where/how i do that?

    from spotlight settings under system preferences.
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