Question on a very small Database

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I had bought OmniOutliner Pro because it's the perfect tool to use at lectures and discussions so I can take notes and record what's going on. I love it, however, I started using the software to create To-Do lists which I use for practicing guitar. I want to start a history of using OmniOutliner for my practices, and also link to files I can make with Logic. I have kind of gotten a sense of what I need to do in order to complete this (Using another column in the notes, along with the attach button works great) but I was wondering if something like FileMaker would also do this. I watched to demos on their site, and although I plan to get FileMaker in the future (since I want to also run a Recording Studio), could I also use it as this, or would attaching be my best bet? I'd like to save the files into the document if possible, but I don't know if I acutally can do that or not. It looks like attaching just references to a linked file.
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