Music off the ipod: question about my planned method.

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Since my sisters ipod is filled with mostly music from my library but some from a temp account i created to add the music to her ipod (i don't want ditzy preteen music) i want to take the music off her ipod when she gets a new computer. This will allow her to have what i gave her and her [crappy] music.

Anyway, i know there are many apps to do this but i just want confirmation about the way i plan to do it because, oddly enough, i have never seen it mentioned this way. Can anyone confirm or deny that the following would work.

1. use tinker tools to have finder show hidden files

2. confirm that all the music is in the ipod (i think it will be something like in folders F1-?? and not in any specific order

3. iTunes>Add To Library>Music Folders.

Is there any reason why this shouldn't work. I have done the see hidden files with someone else's ipod before but i do not want to test with mine because if i mess it up and need to reset, it will take a long time to re-transfer the 25 gigs of music. I can't test with hers because i do not want to mess it up and have to go through re-importing it all and all the stuff.

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