Praise the lord

in Mac Software edited January 2014
CCC, Carbon Copy Cloner, app of the century.

My iBook was fried. It has a stuck (yes REALLY stuck) DVD and the HD was crapping out.

So when something wrecked some files the OS uses to boot (either got Kernel Panics or I would not load the finder) I was..I had problems.

I hooked it up to my mini and made the iBook into a firewire disk. I got 90 seconds of live disk access before it somehow got my mini to freeze. Two reboots, mouse agility and a good memory for where I kept the important files had saved what I needed from the HD. Opened disk utility and started the iBook the third time, erased the HD.

Downloaded CCC, excluded all music and cloned my mini. Now everything works to an A+ It is like sitting in front of my mini, with all the adjustments and preferences. Even the auto fill in Safari is brought over. All I miss is the 20 inch display instead of my 12 inches. And I stepped up 10.3.x->10.4.4

Only strange thing: The screen saver is the old one from my iBook, not the one I am using on my mini. How did that survive the erase?


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