iPod 5G will only accept videos PRE-iTunes 6.0.2/ QT 7.0.4/ 1.1 firmware

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I USED to have a neat little system, whereby I was using QuickTime Pro as the encoder for all video files destined for my iPod 5G, since I could fine-tune the encoding settings (I HAD been using 512kb h.264 video, 96kb AAC-LC audio, baseline profile, single-pass). iTunes was only being used for transfer to the iPod. ONE (or more) of the updates I mentioned in my subject heading above completely changed that.

Now, only iTunes 6.0.2-converted videos will transfer (Advanced/ Convert Selection for iPod), meaning that often times, I have a confusing, disorganized video library with two separate encodings of the same file, and some times, I even have to do multiple encodings. I am HOPING I am not the only one affected, and that someone out there has a solution. I have tried restoring the iPod to 1.1 firmware, repairing permissions, and cleaning caches, all of which completed without error, but did not solve the issue.


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    import the videos to iTunes 6.0.1?
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    Originally posted by charliehorse

    import the videos to iTunes 6.0.1?

    I have a parallel thread running over at apple.com. This is starting to look like a QuickTime 7.0.4 problem. I don't have a way to revert to 7.0.3, though.

    If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, its seemingly very reproducible.

    Custom encoding at 512kb/ 96kb, single-pass, baseline profile. They never work.

    At least for me and a couple others at the Apple board. I'm fairly confident that others will join the ranks.
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