2nd HDD in a G3 B&W 'Yosemite" Rev. 1

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I need an ultra ATA-133 PCI controler card to install the Seagate I got for X-mas.

Do I need a bracket or anything else to install it?

Also, which ATA-133 card do people have good or bad luck with.

I have found ones sold from (manufactuer's name):
  • Acard (Acard)

  • SIIG (???)

  • Sonnet (Promise)

  • MacSense (Maxtor?) actually a ATA & SATA combo card.

I have read the xlr8yourmac.com articles and found most of these cards have had problems in the past.

Needing firmware updates et all. Are the current cards more stable? I'm not interested in RAID controler versions.

Thanks in advance!
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