Pictures of the Boombox

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Do you think this is the real deal?

It certainly matches what the rumor mill has been producing, even with the alternate "full speaker" system.


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I don't think the boombox will be an accessory to an iPod. I think it will BE an iPod. Imagine something of that design with the display and click-wheel built in, a remote, capable of video playback, Airport Extreme built in for syncing with a base Mac and/or streaming music, all with a battery capable of 10-15 hours of video playback.

    Very cool, and would make a fancy new revenue stream for Apple. People would be inclined to own both an iPod AND iPod boombox.
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    Seeing as how that's a mock up from BEFORE the days of the Click-wheel, I'm going to say it just represents someone's concept of an iPod speaker system in 2002.
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    pretty cool and it does seem consistent with the rumors. but that's a first gen ipod.
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