Airport vs. Sonos vs. something else: advice?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I've gradually migrated most of my music to my iMac and my iPods, and almost never use my 300 CD changer and stereo anymore. But it sure would be nice to hear all these digital songs downstairs and elsewhere around the house.

Airport would allow me to stream from the iMac to my stereo, but as I understand it, anytime I want a new song, album or playlist, I have to run up two flights of stairs and make the change on the iMac. Great exercise, but ... inconvenient. Am I right about this?

Sonos makes a very cool system with a portable controller that looks like a big iPod and wired/wireless boxes that hook up to speakers or the stereo, but the system won't play all the DRM-protected music I've bought from the iTunes store. I'd buy the Sonos ($$$) and settle for just what I've ripped from my CD collection, but that seems kind of limiting and dumb.

I guess I could buy a docking station or boombox and carry my iPods around the house and plug them in. And that's what I'll probably wind up doing. But now that Apple has digitized me, couldn't they make a few bucks selling me and others a really useful way to get stuff from the iMac to my stereo and all the other music devices sprinkled around my house?

Or am I missing something?
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