Should I buy a sony or a canon?

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I am in the market for a home miniDV camcoder and am a little overawed by the choice! Basically I have a very limited budget (UK) and the only things I need for sure are:

Decent video quality

True 16:9 widescreen capability (not just letterboxing)

DV IN as well as out

iMovie and general mac compatibility (I would like to edit all my holiday stuff on my G4)

I don't really care about still photo taking as I already have a digital camera.

I have narrowed it down to 2 cameras at the moment:

Sony HC42E and the Canon MVX30i.

Both seem to have similar capabilities. Ordinarily I would have gone straight for the sony but my rsearch has brought up a couple of things:

When in the camera shop the sony LCD display seemed a bit grainy while the canon was superb. does this mean that the actual video recorded onto tape would be grainy with the sony?

I have also read reviews which have claimed that the sony has problems with image quality in low light.

Can anyone offer me any advice? experience? I would like to make a purchase in the next week or so and any thoughts would be greatfully received.

thanx in advance


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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    purchasing advice <belong=FALSE> genius bar.

    anyhow, i'd go with the Canon. Sony uses a lot of proprietary technology, plus I have always really loved the lenses of Canon products, and never been that impressed with Sony's. But, I'm not familiar with either of the products you mention, just giving my general impressions of the brands.
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    As my opinion is biased (damn rootkit), i'm going to tell you to go with the Canon, but the Cannon seems to be a better choice even without my bias. Good luck on the decisision, i know they're hard.
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