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So I'm starting to use iCal to organize my life a bit (and it's working well so far) but I'm a little stumped. I don't see a setting anywhere to repeat an event only on weekdays. There's every day, every week, et cetera...but no "every weekday". What gives? Am I missing something?


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    You'd just have to select "Custom..." and then select every week day.
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member

    Originally posted by BR

    Am I missing something?

    Yes. Try going to custom in the repeat pop up menu, and then select weekly in the frequency pop up menu, and select all five weekdays (click on them to select, click again to unselect). Then click okay. I'm using verison 1.5.5. Things may be different in other versions.
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    I guess I spent a little to long check that things worked the way I thought they did...
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    brbr Posts: 8,395member
    Ah, thanks. Hah can't believe I missed that. Though, I'd think that weekdays would be common enough that it would merit its own option in the pop-up window.
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