New to OS X - need help

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So I just bought my first mac today. The base install is eating up 11GB of the 37.3GB drive. Is there anything in particular I can delete to gain some hard disk space back? I noticed a big animation when I booted the first time, and I figure that is big enough to be worth deleting.

Also, if you know of any good websites with references on optimizing the operating system, that would be great. I'm definately used to hacking Windows and playing with services so be as technical as possible, I can handle it.




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    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I thank you.

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    All of the applications, help files, etc by default have *many* languages supported... ie, bloat if you don't use those languages.

    A couple of apps exist to trim down the support files to just the languages you want. Sometimes this can grab you a surprising amount of disk space. DeLocalizer is one off the top of my head, google should get you to it directly. Others may exist. Try looking on for software in general, and that specifically.
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    You could remove Garageband and iDVD which eat a lot of space. If you choose to remove them,, also take thier files in the Applications Support folder.

    I didn't delete them outright but i moved them to an external drive and made a DVD backup. I hardly ever use either one and now i have saved a huge amount of space
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    If I remember correctly just the garageband sounds take up almost 2 Gb (!!) of HD space. So yeah, listen to that advice... They're in the application support folder /Library/Application support/Garageband
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