Odd Apple Survey Questions

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Just bought the newly announced AppleCare for my 20" Cinema Display. Along with the shipping and receipt email notices, I was invited to take an online survey for Apple. So I did.

Most of the questions were the type of stuff you'd expect: how many Macs do you own, are you a switcher, will you buy new iPods in the next two years, etc.

However, some questions were very odd.

What do you think their purpose is? It's almost like an elitist entry exam that checks if you think different(ly) enough to have Steve's approval to lay your dirty little paws on a pristine Mac.

I just don't get what purpose they may serve as market data. o_0



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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Makes perfect sense in a way. Apple is asking these questions to ascertain whether people are willing to use software (or hardware) which is complicated. That is, are people just buying macs because they are easy to use - when you just stick to iApps and regard lack of need for antivirus, antispyware software, etc, or whether its because they make more sense - ie the software on macs seems more logical than it does on windows. Or indeed if its both.
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