A very interesting article on Jobs...

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This is an interview with Edgar Woolard Jr., former Apple board member about Steve Jobs: http://yahoo.businessweek.com/print/...130_588611.htm

Some good snippets:


the damn guy knows how to make money! He just makes money. I remember how he cut inventory from over $400 million to less than $100 million in one year's time.


I recall how one of his first moves was to cut Apple's product line from dozens of models to just four, so the company could get a better handle on its operations.

Our jaws dropped on that one. But it was brilliant.


Some folks in Silicon Valley wonder if Jobs may one day take Iger's job. After all, they say, Jobs insisted he didn't want the Apple CEO job at first, as well.

That's so phony. Look, I was the guy who called him and begged him to please come back and be the CEO and chairman. And at first he said no.

The article provides some interesting insight into Jobs and how he operates.
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