iBook in need of serious Upgrading

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ok I have an g4 1.33ghz iBook with 1gig of ram bluetooth and wireless and all that jazz. However when I bought this iBook, I only got a 40 gig hard drive and now it has really come back to bite me in the rear if you know what I mean. I would love to upgrade the hard drive but the thing is I have a 3 year Apple warrenty that I rather not screw up.

Now I heard somewhere that you could take you iBook to an Apple store with a new hard drive to put in your machine and they would install it and it would also not void your warrenty. Does anyone know if this is true or now? Or does anyone know where I could get my iBook hard drive upgraded? I have done a hard drive upgrade on a G3 iBook before and I rather not go through that experience again(it worked fine, but took 7 hours . . .)




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    Maybe you can call a nearby Apple store.
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    Go to an Apple Reseller or Apple Store, you have to pay for the service but the AppleCare stays intact
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    As long as the work is performed by an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), your warranty will remain intact.
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