Upgrading iBook memory - which brand?

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So I'm about to order a 1 Gigabyte stick of RAM for my iBook (12", 1.33GHz). I can't afford Apple memory (if I could I would have bought a more expensive computer!). UpgradeMemory.com has a stick for $145.03, and Crucial has it for $191.57. That's a big price difference. Does anyone know if the cheaper memory is good enough, or if I should go for Crucial (or some other name-brand company). Thanks for helping me spend my upcoming tax refund,



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    wow - those are both overpriced!

    I recently upgraded my iBook with this for $117.99

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    acr4acr4 Posts: 100member
    Sweet, Thanks! That's a great buy. The quality is sufficient?
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    It's from OWC - one of the best-known and trustworthy suppliers of Mac RAM.

    Lifetime warranty with easy exchange, if you ever have a problem with it.
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