Decent docking solutions for MacBook or Powerbook?

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I am a former Mac user (fanatic) but my last mac was a Powerbook G3 333. Due to software constraints at work, I switched to a PC laptop. I recently bought my wife a 12" Powerbook G4 and love it!

I am going to buy an iMac for our home computer and was looking at switching my work laptop to a mac also. I really love the new MacBook, but one thing that worries me is the lack of docking solutions.

I'm currently working from both my home and an office, and have docking stations both places. I'm in and out several times a day and connecting/unconnecting wires multiple times a day would be a hassle for me. The Bookendz docking stations worked well when all the connections were on the back of the laptop, but do they work well with connections on both sides?

They're also relatively expensive, and I don't see one that is available for MacBooks.

Does anyone here have a docking solution that works for them? What do you do?


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    This is the closest I could find. Doubt it will work with an Intel Powerbook though, due to the new power adapter port. =\\

    - Xidius
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    That one will not work for the not intel books, A) because of the power port and B) because of the lack of firewire 800.

    I used to only have a Powerbook and Cinema Display, so I have the 15" version of the dock, it was great. When I got my PowerMac I sold it on eBay.

    My Dell laptop has a docking port, so it is obviosly very easily to connect. The Bookenz dock is almost as easy, basically you pull a lever and it slides connectors into the ports.
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    Originally posted by jpennington

    That one will not work for the not intel books, A) because of the power port and B) because of the lack of firewire 800.

    Wow. So the new powerbook is lacking a Dual Layer superdrive AND Firewire 800?

    Screw that. -_-

    - Xidius
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    yes, and they dare to charge $1999 for it. No ******* way!
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    Forget the dock. Get an Airport Express, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse, and an extra AC adapter that you keep plugged in at your office. Plug your ethernet, printer, and speakers into the Airport Express, and the only thing you need to connect to your laptop is the power. This is much easier than inserting into a dock, plus you can roam in your office. Even if you use an external monitor, connecting just those two wires is easier than using a dock.

    The biggest convenience for me though, was getting an extra AC adapter that I carry around when I travel, and leaving another plugged in where I work.
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