Macbook design w/ picture

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
This is not the real Macbook, fairly obviously.

I literally dreamed this up (kind of sad, dreaming of computers, but nevertheless...), so, aided by my fairly mediocre 3d modelling skills, i put thought to keyboard and this is the result as it stands at this point in time.

No keyboard, touchbad, ports yada yada, becuase I couldn't figure out how to add them effectively.

Apologies to Appleinsider 1984 for copying + pasting his specs from this post:

Apple logo copied and pasted from here:

Image created using Wings 3D, Bryce 5 and Macromedia Fireworks 6.0 MX

Criticisms, comments welcome, no lawsuits please.

EDIT: If they did go back to colours (someone at apple likes time (iMac G3, few years later iPod Mini), think the Mini's colours. Also need to find good texture for base- was looking for brushed metal powerbook type thing.


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