New iPod Nano just released

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Apple in Finland f**ked up. They have spilled the beans.

iPod Nano 1 Gb is released!

And a new iPod Shuffle, well, not new... just a price cut with 20 EUR.

"New" iPod shuffle

512 MB 79 EUR

1 GB 109 EUR

"New" iPod nano

1 GB 159 EUR

2 GB 209 EUR

4 GB 269 EUR


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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    Interesting. Of note, the Apple Store site in the US is closed with a "coming back soon" sign on the front. It seems they generally put that notice up when a new product is getting put in.

    edit: I didn't notice your other thread, sorry.
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    atrusatrus Posts: 17member

    The Swedish store is also back up. The only thing I can see is the iPod Nano and Shuffle. No more changes that I can see.
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    never mind. edited for redundancy.
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