Beaumont gets FIOS TV

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It isn't often I get to post something that connects cyberspace and my stick house, but here ya go.

Beaumont FIOS TV

I currently have FIOS and enjoy the 5 mbps downloads and 2 mbps uploads. I'm going to definately check into the television part as well.



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    What I would do for 2 up, I've been at 512 for years now. Even when Time Warner moved the download speed from 3 to 5 awhile back they kept the up at 512.

    I guess TW won't have much incentive to better their service until FIOS comes around to Ohio.

    Four times my current upload speed would be... wonderful.

    I'm waiting not so patiently for the time where I can ditch the cable companies for both internet and TV.
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,464member
    I've actually bought stock in Verizon since it appears that many folks have bid up the cable companies thinking they be the only ones able to offer the quad-fecta of television, internet, telephone and wireless versions of the three.

    However Verizon will be able to do this as well and isn't selling at 40 times earnings and doesn't have to partner with a wireless provider.

    My wife has gone and ordered FIOS television. It isn't cheaper than satellite at this point, but it is cheaper than cable. The one thing it appears to have over both of them so far is not tying you to some long commitment and also offering more packages of programming instead of forcing you to buy the whole bundle.

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    I can't wait til they have this where I live. I'm sick of cable especially since my connection is so bad. I've been having constant drops on my internet service and problems with my cable tv and of course Time Warner can't find anything wrong. I also think Verizon is a good stock.
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