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Dunno if this is an acceptable question, seeing as how the general nature of bit torrents is less than legal, but what are some of the better bit torrent clients for OS X?

I really can't stand Azureus - it is too bloated and gives me a hundred million errors. I know I'm behind a firewall and it likes to tell me every 30 seconds. Right now I'm using Tomato Torrent because the pictue looked cool.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    BitsOnWheels is my fav mac-only BT client.
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    Transmission is pretty nice. Fast, clean, and quite OS-X-like.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member

    I know you said you dont like it, but its the best..

    I'm behind a friewall as well but hardly ever (once a week?) get an error.

    Look in the prefs.

    The amount of plugins for Azureus available are amazing.
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    The PeerGuardian plugin is probably the most useful for Azureus.

    acr4, you can turn off those pop-ups in the preferences. You can also turn off the Universal Plug-N-Play (UPnP) support too which might help get rid of errors.

    If the firewall you are behind is just a router, and the router has UPnP enabled, just change the port you are using in the preferences. It could be that someone on the same router is using bittorrent on the same port and the UPnP is telling Azureus that someone else already has that port.
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    I just use the app called BitTorrent that I get from the original creator of the service.
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    I've tried out a lot of them, and heres' another vote for BitsOnWheels.

    Most stable, best interface, most mac-like. IMHO of course...
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    acr4acr4 Posts: 100member
    Thanks everyone. I tried BitsOnWheels. While using it, my airport went loco and I had to restart my laptop - three seperate times. I say no to that. I went back to Azereus after reading some online help guides. I guess I'll stay with it. It seems to work much better now and consumes far less resources after disabling a few random features. Thanks everyone.

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    I use Bitsonwheels on my 15" G4 PB on airport with no problems... What's the issue?
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    Try Tomato Torrent. It's based on the original Bittorrent's source code, with a plain-vanilla Cocoa UI. I found Transmission to be a mammoth ram hog... than again, it's only at 0.5 version.

    I like tomato torrent as it is fast, small memory footprint, and very simple. I recommend thee 1.2 version, as the 1.5 is beta and I've had one issue with it (endless loop in python).

    edit: Whups, reading comprehension skills declining... the original poster is already using TT... :P
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