Lossless non-protected AAC to MP3

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I was wondering if there was a lossless way of converting my AACs to MP3s without quality loss. I figures since they both use the same bitrate, it should be possible.

If it isn't, and i were to use iTunes to convert them into an mp3 of the same bit-rate, how much quality loss should i experience?



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    I'm an idiot today. Just ignore me
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    Both are lossy. But, they're lossy in different ways. Saving in AAC removes certain data, saving in MP3 removes other data.

    Converting from one to the other compounds the effects?you lose all the data from AAC and MP3, and get all the artifacts of both.

    You should avoid it unless you absolutely have to have MP3s for some reason.
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    Even converting from 128 bit AAC to 128 bit AAC will produce some loss in quality. A smart algorithm may notice that waveform is choppy and could be reduced to the original file's bits, but I don't think any encoding algorithm is like this
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    The reason i am asking is simply a friend who does not have an ipod wants some of my music and his MP3 player doesn't play AAC.
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    A little piece of advice: whenever you rip music to your hard-drive, always do it in lossless. That way you can convert that to some lossy format without the penalty of converting from one lossy format to another.

    Hard drive space is cheap nowadays, and it doesn't take much longer either.
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    I get much of my music from allofmp3.com where e a large rifle cost significantly more than a rip. Personally, i do not hear much of a difference between 128and 192. The difference that i do hear is so minor that it is worth the smaller cost. SInce allofmp3 charges by size, it is worth it.
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