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If you click on the Hard Disk Icon there are a bunch of icons like, music, pictures, etc--one of which is a an icon of a house with some applications linked to it--I lost this --

How do I get it back??



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    If you are referring to the sidebar (far left side of a Finder window) then you've managed to remove the link to your home folder from it, probably by accidentally dragging it out of the sidebar. To get it back in the sidebar, in the Finder menus at the top of your screen, select Go > Home. This will display your home folder in the folder hierarchy of your hard drive. Click and drag that folder back into the sidebar on the left, below the horizontal line that separates the drive icons at the top from the folder icons on the bottom.

    Also, remember the Help menu is your friend. I suggest opening Help in the Finder, then searching for Sidebar & doing a little reading.
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    Thanks a lot
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