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I just want to let it be known that not all wireless customer service is evil:

I just hung up with Cingular, having a problem with my handset, I told the tech the symptoms and instantly he said "yea, a batch of Razrs had that problem, we will replace it for you." This is after the dealer that sold me the phone told me it was not covered under the manufactures warenty...which as it turns out it is.

I just want to say that Cingular is the only "baby bell" I have ever had such good luck dealing with, it is so nice to get what I paid for without a fight (that goes for cell, land and DSL).


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    T-Mobile is not bad either. My SE phone died the other day, and they'll let me upgrade to a new phone ahead of time (you have to be with them for at least 6 months - I'm 3).
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    Cingular is the worst cell phone service I have ever had. I've had cell phone service since before the Moto StarTac hit the market.

    I was with Cingular for about 6 months before I told them to cancel my account and I went with Alltel. There was absolutely no coverage within about 5 miles of my house. Half of Williamsburg is a dead zone, meaning no signal, not just one or two bars. Most of the roads here in York County and Newport News were the same way, no signal. I would get dropped calls while talking to my wife in separate cars at the parking lot of the Food Lion down the road from me.

    I had had enough. Raising The Bar, my ass.
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    What's Alltel?
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    Pretty good service. Haven't had one dropped call yet.
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    That's the problem with cell carriers: there's "customer service", and then there's "coverage".

    The former is great, but not that useful without the latter. Conversely, blanket coverage, (ala, say, Verizon) can go a long ways towards mitigating indifferent to bad customer service, which means the big guys can get away with more.
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