DVD Ripper for Windows/Mac?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

I normally look around in the Future Hardware section, so the Genius Bar is semi-new to me. This questions could be asked every other post (although I've looked a few pages back and didn't see it), so if it is I apologize. Now for the question:

My wife and I love DVDs, she's on a Powerbook(acquired a few months ago and I'm extremely jealous) and myself on a Dell (I know, trust me. Yes. Dells suck.). We both need a good program for ripping DVDs onto our hard drives, because with TV Shows (in particular, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, and Lost), it gets to be a pain switching the DVDs in and out and lugging them along whenever you want to watch them - 4 to 6 DVDs per season. What's a good program that rips them onto your hard drive, in FULL quality and doesn't distort the 16:9 ratio for Windows and OS X?

I don't mind if it costs money, just preferably nothing over $50. Although, if it's unrealistic to find a fast DVD ripper with great quality for under 50 bucks, I could spring for more.

Thanks so much all,



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