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There is some speculation that Apple might release a Mac Mini DVR. Thinking about it, I agree with Steve Jobs: I don't want a computer in the living room.

But Apple could do a media solution like this:

1. A software package for recording, streaming, converting video for the iPod integrated into iLive/iTunes

Running on any G5 or Intel Mac.

Depending on their strategic targets: a Windows version

2. iPod Video 5G and 6G for playback

3. A living room box (a two-way AirPort Express video on steroids)

Converts between media streams on the local network and the I/O ports.

Plays audio and video files from the Mac on your TV/hifi set.

Streams audio and video from your sources (sat, cable...) to the Mac for recording.

- integrated FrontRow

- a simple remote like the existing one

- some memory as buffer and cache for the video/audio ToC (iTunes library file etc.)

- connections: LAN 100Mbit, WLAN 802.11.g

- output: SVHS, DVI/HDMI/HDCP, SCART, audio analog/digital

- input: SVHS, SCART, audio analog/digital, some kind of digital video in?

- basic configuration via remote, advanced over network

- multiple boxes on same Mac supported

It does not have:

- any kind of tuner

(which standard anyway? DVB-S + Common Interface/DVB-C/DVB-T, PAL/SECAM/NTSC, CableCard,

various HD TV versions...) or in other words: no market specific hardware

- a display


- advanced LCD remote

- iPod dock connector

- local storage (internal HD or USB2/FW400 connector)

- access content on Mac over internet (like Slingbox, with some kind of DRM/protection)


- some kind of DRM handling (and encryption/decryption) in both directions: to and from the Mac)

Form factor: slimline DVD player or Mac Mini

Price: $200 for basic version (ok it's Apple: so $250 is more realistic)

Wouldn't that be a better announcement to celebrate the 30th birthday than an iBook that everyone knows is comming sooner or later?


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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,136member
    Yeah, no...

    At least not at that price point...

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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    ...amd the 300$ version mixes coctails before the shows start.
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    stwstw Posts: 21member
    (Why is price the only point discussed?)

    I still don't think that $250 is so low:

    Apple introduced the Airport Express 18 month ago for $129 and still sells it at the same price point.

    Surely the components it uses must be cheaper now.

    An Airport Express Video could use this chip:

    $50 brings you a BCM7400 with:

    AVC/MPEG-2/VC-1 dual decoder

    AAC/MP3/WMA decoder

    SPDIF output

    2D/3D graphics engine

    DDR RAM interface

    SATA interface

    HD analog output up to 1080i

    Component, SVS, composite, SCART output, RF modulator


    Security processer

    AES/3DES etc. copy protection

    PCI interface

    USB2 interface

    Ethernet interface

    UHF remote receiver

    800MIPS 300MHz Mips32 processor with FPU/MMU

    (There are cheaper variants for $27 too)

    This covers more than the basic features I suggested - except audio/video input.

    It should be doable in the current APEx price range.

    For another $100 add the input side & additional ports.
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