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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I just made a slideshow using Keynote. I exported it as .mov file so that it could be viewed in quicktime. Unfortunately when I share it with my friends they can't hear the audio. I can hear it on my computer, but others can't. Did anybody else have this problem?

I also noticed that after I exported it, it created a separate file for audio...


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    Was your audio an iTunes download? If so it won't play on computers where it is not authorized.
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    No it wasn't
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    what was the audio specifically encoded in? Does Keynote target the latest QuickTime by default and/or do your friends have the current version of QuickTime installed?
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    When creating a movie from a keynote, you can choose to either add or not add the music soundtrack BUILT into the movie. You must choose to have it built in for it to work properly.
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