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I have had nothing but bad experinces with Toast. I think it is crappy software that has never been tested. I vowed never to install it again after the toast 4.x.x debacle. Well much to my disappointment, I needed to burn a few discs in ISO 9660 format, and after much searching, the only program to do this was toast. I very reluctantly threw down my $89.99 + tax and bought the damn thing. I noticed that there was a free update to make it work with OS X without classic. So i install it, and then run the updater. This updater is nothing more than an INSTALLER. The boxed version i paid for is NEVER even used! So be smart, don't be a retard, download this "updater" and get yourself a serial and stick it to Roxio.

Please post this!!


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    guitarblokeguitarbloke Posts: 125member
    You're not paying Roxio for the 1s and 0s, you're paying for the serial number and the right to use whatever software they choose to let you
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    You know, I've had problems with Toast as well. Now I have this white elephant Lacie CD burner that I can't use with anything. I don't know if it's the hardware or the software. All I know is that one day, Toast quit seeing the CD burner, even though the computer saw it. I suspect it's the software (which is somewhat difficult to use and very unreliable), because now the CD burner is used as a CD drive for my brother's Bondi iMac, whose internal CD drive is flaky and only recognizes some discs.

    Is there any software I could get that would prevent me from spending a lot of money and allow me to actually use the burner for something? It's an early model Lacie. Unfortunately, Disc Burner only is for internal CD-RW drives.
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    aslanaslan Posts: 97member
    While I disagree that Toast is a crappy program, I will admit that it does act a little flakey every once and a bit... e.g.:

    I am using an iMac w/ CD-RW and Toast Titanium 5.1.3 for OS X. When I try to burn a disk at 8x (my max speed), it will fail the disk because of a "Sense code error", but just try once more once and the disk burns without a hitch. This is as consistant as it is reproduceable. I had high hopes that the 5.1.2 -> 5.1.3 update would fix this little snag but to no avail. I am now convinced I have a screwy drive....

    Back to the LaCie issue though, I have had a situation in which I plugged in a firewire LaCie burner and had the system see it (via SysProfiler), but Toast refused to recognize it. After much hair-pulling I realized that if I plugged in the device cold (i.e. turned off) and then switched it on with Toast in the foreground, it would pick it up.... Don't know if this is the case with yours or not...

    In any case, I would have to say that Toast isn't hard to use, in fact, it is a better layout than the old way of having a massive pull-down that does everything!

    Another gripe: The normal method of CD copying (with one drive like my iMac) is that it copies the CD to a swapspace on the drive and then burns it to the CD. Unfortunately, my problem I mentioned above in which it will ALWAYS fail on the first try "loses" the copied CD as it doesn't leave behind any image file. I have recently taken to using Command-D (save as Disc image) to the Desktop and then burn image. This is what it is doing anyway, but at least the "copied" CD doesn't just disappear into thin air when Toast croaks!

    BTW, is it me, or does Disk Burner (Apple's solution) kinda just suck?

    -Aslan :cool:
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    milekno77milekno77 Posts: 17member
    i don't know which is worse to be honest. disc burner is reliable but slooooooow, and toast is just schizophrenic. apple needs to look at windows XP and how they did burning, which is SO nice. Just a few clicks and a few seconds later (in most cases...sometimes it takes a minute or two depending on data of course) the CD is done! I've never had a buffer underrun or a coaster, or even so much as a conflict! yeah XP has its flaws, but this sure isn't one of them.

    Soneone said that i wasn't paying for the 0s and 1s, but the serial number and the right to use the software anyway I want. This is absolutely correct. I'm sharing it on various services to anyone who wants it. The funny thing is, Toast 5 for the PC or what ever it's called, is even WORSE than the mac versioin. roxio completely sucks, and i hope they go out of business.
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    guitarblokeguitarbloke Posts: 125member
    [quote]Originally posted by milekno77:

    <strong>Soneone said that i wasn't paying for the 0s and 1s, but the serial number and the right to use the software anyway I want.</strong><hr></blockquote>I didn't say "anyway you want", I said "anyway they want". Read the license agreement before you misquote me

    I wouldn't say that the fact they supply the software via the internet rather than on a CD is a terribly good argument for warez, though - shareware programmers certainly wouldn't agree with you.

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    junkyard dawgjunkyard dawg Posts: 2,801member
    I've had nothing but success with Toast 5.1 for OS X. I'm using it with a Sony CRX 1600L-A2 (12x8x32) burner, and I've never had a single problem.

    With Toast 4, I had major problems, but I suspect it was not toast but the Lacie burner I was using. This POS Lacie would insert random snippits of noise between tracks, and sometimes within tracks. It came with Toast 4, and of course Lacie blamed the problem on Toast. I called Lacie support many, many times, and finally some arsehole told me that "if I hadn't bought a firewire CD-RW drive, this wouldn't be a problem". Those were his exact words. Well I sold the Lacie to some poor sucker on eBay and bought the Sony. Toast 4 worked perfectly with the Sony, and in fact I've never burned a bad disc with the Sony.

    I got Toast 5 to use with OS X, and it's been a joy to use. Again, not a single problem with it, ever. I always allocate the maximum amount of RAM to the RAM cache, and I test the data transfer speed before burning.

    Also, toast comes with a nice set of apps, including a very nice label creator application called Discus RE 2.53, which has been carbonized. Very nice.

    Not everyone has had bad experiences with Toast, in fact Roxio is one of the only developers I've actually paid for using their software, because I liked it so much. :o
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    burningwheelburningwheel Posts: 1,827member
    i used toast 4.0 on my mac using OS 8.6, no problems. i haven't tried latter versions on OS X yet
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