Apple shipping new MacBook Pros on Friday

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014

Phoned Apple UK regarding the new models (1.83, 2, 2.16) on the store. Heres how the convo went

Me: Hi do you know when the MacBook Pro models will be updated?

Rep: I'm guessing this is regarding yesterday's announcement?

Me: Yes! So, when?

Rep: It will be up soon

Me: Well how soon is soon?

Rep: Probably under 48hrs

Me: Well what's been the delay?

Rep: Apple haven't confirmed the new models to be available in European countries yet.

Me: So are they a US exclusive?

Rep: Most likely not, but Apple UK are not prepared to take that risk.

Me: So, 48hrs maximum?

Rep: Yes

Me: Thanks, bye.

Rep: If you need any mo- (Hung up at this point )

Special Apple Hint! If you wanna get straight through to an Apple Store sales rep instantly, there's a little shortcut. Call 08000 399901 and type in Ext. 88802


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