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Hey, I'm thinking about (or have my mind set really) on getting a new imac (making the Switch), and I was wondering if iworks will be able able to communicate with windows pc's, and Windows Office, Wordpercet, ect.



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    Well, I know that Pages seems to have good .doc compatability with Window Office Word. Also Keynote is able to handle Power Point presentations (and visa versa).

    So I would say I have had good luck with compatability with Office documents. I don't know about WordPerfect though.
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    ok thanks for the info...it really seems ridiculous to pay 400 (i think) for windows office on mac then, while u can just get iwork for under 100...
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    One of the selling points of WordPerfect is that it is able to open many more types/versions of files than Word can so you should not have problems with WordPerfect opening files created in Pages. Just remember you have to export any file that you do not want saved as a Pages document.
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    ok thanks...the main problem will be if i need to email something to school...the school's computers absolutly suck, but i do suppose i could use the one mac mini we have for that.
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