Sony HDV FX1 + iMovie HD = fubar

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I've been recording a play and just want to import it into iMovie (latest one, 2006) and it imports.. but plays back slowly.. the voices are 'deeper' because of it and all that.

I quit it, tried again, same result.

I tried making a project at 25fps, it imports, but often hangs.

Then, I quit it, re-opened the project, and it tells me a couple clips went astray and are in the trash. I put them back into the Clip Panes and when I play them back, they're perfect. WTF?!?!

I'm using a Sony HDR-FX1E and recorded on a MiniDV tape @ 25fps, 1080i setting (which is actually 1440x1080... cheap Sony bastards... )

Anyway.. can anyone lend a hand?

PS I tried importing with FCP 5 and it works fine... but seeing I have no experience with FCP and this is a really straightforward project, I'd like to just use iMovie. Can I export a project from FCP to iMovie?
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