transfer rates on FW400 HDDs

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Disclaimer: I know these are probably lame questions, but I just want to make sure...

Whenther or not Apple comes through with a media center mini, I'm going to set one up in the next few months. Before I get into the planning and everything, I just wanted to make sure of some basic things with tranfer rates:

1) Storing music on one or more external HDD (FW400) and playing through iTunes should be no problem, correct?

2) What about videos? FW400 can handle the data rate demanded by full DVD quality MPEG-2, right?

3) What happens when FW400 drives are daisy chained? Is there a speed/throughput penalty? If so, how much? Enough that watching DVD-quality MPEG-2 is hindered? Or is there (more than) enough headroom?

4) What happens when you try to load DV movies onto an external HDD, when both the camera and the HDD are on the same bus/hub?

5) How much slower is iMovie (and iDVD) when working from an external FW400 HDD, versus the current ATA bus on the mini (and versus the SAT drive in the iMac...could this make it into a future mini?)

6) Does working with FW800 change any of the above situations?

7) Since I am constantly frustrated by the limits of working with Videos in iTunes, is there a program that allows one to organize his or her videos with all the relevant information appropriate to the type of video? (It doesn't have to be a catch-all player? It doesn't even have to be a player of any kind; if it allows me to specify the app launched for each specific file type, so much the better.)


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    It goes Internal->FW800->FW400->USB 2->USB 1.1. Try and get as high up on the chain as you can. As for videos, as long as you use FW400/USB2 or above, it shouldn't be a problem. I'd reccomend FireWire 800/400 for everything. USB is an inferior solution.
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