A missing feature from iPhoto 06'

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I was really hoping to see one feature appear in iPhoto 06 and saddly did not. The feature I crave every time I use iPhoto is the ability to see the pictures on my digital camera before uploading. I have seen this implemented in Aperture and was hoping Apple would move it over to iPhoto. How am I supposed to name a roll when I can't remember half of the things on the camera.

Not only do I want to see the photos before uploading I want to be able to easily batch assign keywords and comments during the upload process. Who cares about a roll name. I need to easily be able to make a couple clicks and have the photos assigned to the keywords that match there subjects.

Anyone else agree?

Are some of these features in iPhoto already but I am missing them?


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    I would love this too. Plus the ability to choose which pictures to import.

    I understand that they want iPhoto to be simple but it wouldn't have to be at all complex. A bunch of thumbnails, a big "Import All" button and the ability to click on individual ones you want to import. You could even leave shift-clicking out to make it simpler - clicking on a thumbnail just toggles it as selected or not. Even my mum could work that out.
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