Networking a P.C. to a Mac

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We;ve got 2 Pc;s at work, and I need to get them opening files on our Mac server.

So far, I;ve tried creating a network place on the p.c., but I don't know what format to type in the Servers IP address. I tried FTP, so it looks like this:

I can now see the files on the Mac through the P.C., but when I try to open them, I get :files cannot be accessed: the permissions are correct, can anyone offer suggestions?

By the way, sorry for the use of >;< but the dumbasses at Dell shipped us a French - Canadian keyboard, and I have no time to hunt for flippin accents.


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    You need to enable Windows File sharing under System preferences: Sharing, and select which users should be able to log in to the Mac.

    Then the Mac should show up normally in the "My network places" on the PC's. To be able to easily further customize your shares, you can download "Sharepoints" (a control panel).

    To connect to the PC:s from the Mac, go to the Finder, menu "Go: Connect to Server". Enter the following:

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    The P.C. see's the folder called *Mercury on the server, but it;s called _EZGL~5 is something wrong?
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    If the folder's called "*Mercury", then maybe remove the asterisk (*)? I'm pretty sure Windows file system doesn't support that character...
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    You are fucking brilliant. All systems are go, thanks man!
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