Ipod and cell phone

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i have a 5G ipod video. When I drive i always have my ipod plugged into the car stereo through an rca cable input that came with the radio. it plugs into the ipod through the headphone jack with an 1/8" stereo (trs) plug. When my cell phone rings the ipods volume physically drops to half volume from the full volume setting i always use . I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen, is it a "feature" with the ipod ? or is my centennial/nokia cell phone just interfering with the ipod. I am just curious.... Thanks, Randy


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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,605member
    My guess is the phone is interferring. I don't have that problem.
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    I've heard the same problems over at iLounge, it's just interference from the phone signal or something.
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    hxc04hxc04 Posts: 145member
    Do you have a GSM or CDMA network?
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