Democracy... how is it I've never seen this app before?!!

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Dude, this is slick... I'm not sure if everyone here has seen this before, but I sure haven't. Everything about this app is slick and Mac-like.

Get democracy.


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    I downloaded Democracy last night. I have been using it all morning. I cannot view videocasts on iTunes because I have a slow processer (PowerMac G4 500), therefore, I have been finding the videocasts that I like in the iTunes Music Store, going to the websites of those videocasts, finding the RSS feeds, and then pasting the RSS feed URL into Democracy. Some videocasts are a little blurry, however, Democracy is definitely usable for a beta.
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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    It used to be called "DTV" (what a generic name); that's why nobody has heard of "Democracy". But I still foresee problems...

    "I just tried out Democracy; have you heard about it?"

    "What? The election isn't until November."
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    "Democracy doesn't work for me! I hate it!"


    Was DTV a Mac-only app? Has anyone else's mind been permanently impaired by watching "Rezelscheft"?!
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