PB 12" Hard Drive about to Fail

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Im pretty sure my hard drive is about to fail. It freezed my computer up and makes loud noise. Also last night i woke it up from sleep and it was a grey screen. I bought applecare in Canada but im in denmark. Heres a few questions

1)didnt bring my os x tiger install dvd so i cant run any hard drive test, can i use my friends ibook os x dvd just to run hard drive test

2) what number do i call, canada is to expensive to call (but if i have I have to, and also will they ship to this far)and i dont speak danish so theres some difficutly about that call

3) is there a worldwide number i can call



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    Step One: either download SMARTReporter or Disk Utility and verify that the SMART status is OK. If the drive is failing, it will say so.

    Step Two: Back every thing up. Now.

    Step Three: If AppleCare is not an option, look for third party installation. In the U.S., I was quoted $55 to replace the failing drive in my PB 12". It was replaced with a $120 drive I had bought for use as a back up.
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