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Apologies in advance if this has been covered, I did do a search and didn't find what I was looking for.

Is it possible to export a slideshow? I scanned a bunch of old photos, then watched them in slideshow format with the "Ken Burns" effect, and thought, "Wow, with a few video clips tossed in there, that would make a really nice little movie."

So is there any way to save & export a slideshow to a video file (where they still have the 'sliding' effect) or a program like Final Cut Pro, where I could then add a few short Quick Time clips?

I know it would be easy to drop the photos into Final Cut and have them just fade one into another and then add the video, but I want that sliding effect, and there are about 45 photos, so (I'm told) it would be most painful to have to doctor each photo individually to do that.

Thanks for any advice/tips.


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I think there might be a way to "Share" the slideshow into a Quicktime file. The other option is bring the photos into iMovie and use its Ken Burns effect to make the same slideshow and integrate video clips. That's probably the better way to go.
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    Thanks Cosmo, I'll try that. It'll be the first time I've even opened iMovie, so it's a good chance to learn.
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