Backup Strategies...

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I'm finally getting around to having a solid and routine backup strategy in place. I wanted a bit of peer review regarding my simple setup but also was curious as to what others do.

My Strategy:

In my Dual G5 I have two HDs, the original 160 GB it came with and a 300 GB upgrade I installed. I'm syncing the 300 GB drive to the 160 GB with certain non-critical files excluded to ensure that all important stuff will fit on the smaller drive. I'm using SuperDuper! and it's working great. I can run this weekly (or however frequently) to ensure I have a relatively up-to-date mirror.

For incremental backups I use Apple's Backup to archive critical content: calendars, contacts, CVS repository, etc. These are written to the primary drive and are thus included on the mirror. I've only needed to restore a file from this once.

Occasionally I'll back up some files to DVD, but since I can only fit 4.7 GB on a disc it is practically useless.

I think this covers most of the bases and is far better than no backups at all. Should I be concerned that my backup destination is an internal drive and not external? (I suppose a major system failure could fry both drives.) Should I use some alternate strategy or different schedules? What do you do?
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