Hotline Administrator Priviliges?

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Is there any app out there that lets you have administrator privilage on hotline servers? I have an account with the server I want to use it on. I want to regulate the guests when the administrator is not there to do the same so the people with accounts can download. Any app or hack would be appriciated.

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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    ok, either you want to take over a server or you don't know how HL works.

    Ask the admin to give you more priveldges. There are tons of options you can give to account holders.

    Ask admin to make private account for you, then ask him to look through the priveledges for that account and to activate 'user can: create new account' and also 'modify accounts'. Anyway just look through those options and see what you need.

    And as a note, your subject title has nothing to do with your request. If you want an alternative to Hotline, I advise Carracho or KDX. Look em up on versiontracker.
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    mrx_camrx_ca Posts: 4member
    thanks much for the info!!
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