Would You Buy a "Refreshed" Nano from Apple Store?

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My local Apple store has a "refreshed" 2gb white nano for $20 off. The salesperson described refreshed as meaning "unloved" and is something that was returned in sellable (saleable?) condition. Would you "bite" on this apple deal?


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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    absolutely. I've bought a lot of refurb apple items, all have been pristine, work great and come with the original warranty. Have him open it up and take a look/try. I'm sure its fine.
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    I bought an Open Box model from work. It was not apple tested - it was eyeballed, appeared to be functioning and put out on display.

    I got home and about three days later it up and died.

    After a quick repair order was set up through apple the unit was shipped out. It would have been back to me within a week - however someone from Purolator slit the box open and stole the unit.

    I called Apple. A brand new Nano (still shrink wrapped) arrived at my door in less than three days via FedEx.

    Moral of the story: go for it. You'll probably get a decent unit - and worst case scenario you've got Apple customer service backing you up (five years ago I wouldn't have pictured those words coming out of my mouth.)
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    You save 20 bucks. Get it and a good selection of songs to get your collection going.
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