PowerBook 12" to external 42" monitor

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I have a 12" PowerBook and just got a new 42" LCD TV/monitor that supports resolution up to 1920 x 1080. When I connect my PB via DVI, I select 1920 x 1080p from the display options, but it only shows the desktop on the external monitor in a small box (probably about 20") in the middle and does not use the whole screen - if I uncheck the mirror display, the external shows my desktop picture on the entire external screen but no icons/cursor.

The only way I can use the who screen is a lower

resoultion and "stretched"

What am I doing wrong?



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    Mirrored mode means that the same image, pixel for pixel, is displayed on both screens. Because your powerbook's build in screen has a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels, this is how much of your external screen you can use in mirrored mode.

    When you uncheck mirrored mode, the external screen is blank because it is not the "primary" display - you would use it for extra screen space (drag applications over to it to free up your powerbook's screen).

    What you want to do is uncheck mirroring, then drag the top bar (the little version on the powerbook's display in the preferences>displays>arrangement tab over to the external screen.

    Then your external display will be the "primary" display and will have your icons, dock, etc.
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