Streaming Video via Front Row and Bonjour

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Uh, is it just me, or is everyone too busy getting pissed off at the Mac mini to notice that Front Row now handles streamed video? I remember lots of debates over a possible Airport Express Video and people drooling over streamed video. Oh well, I guess that's to be expected from anyone with unrealistic predictions for today.


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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    But from what source? Can I watch all my DivX movies on a hard drive elsewhere on my 802.11 network? Am I locked into watching streaming video on the internet? Can I have a monster network hard drive somewhere in my house and use Mac Minis at every TV to read VOB files that I might rip from DVDs? These are the questions I would love to see answered.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    My guess is that it only shares videos in your iTunes library which implies some QT format/codec. I don't think it will stream a DVD from another system unless you've ripped it and saved it on that Mac.

    All of this seems to indicate that AirPort Video is one step closer, although I'd expect it to be AirPort w/ FrontRow support, including clicker and on-screen menus. You can still have computer directed playback however with it playing through to the AirPort system.
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