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HI I need help. My company is switching (maybe) to macs. Right now the only thing stopping it is fax software. Currently if I want to fax a document I print it to the fax printer (server). The server then sends the fax out. We don't want to run additional line to each computer to fax and according to FAXstf airport doesn't support faxing. Also we can receive faxes and have them emailed to the user automatically. So does anyone have an easy suggestion?


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    roborobo Posts: 469member
    Are you switching to OS X or (horrors) OS 9?

    There is supposed to be an excellent UNIX suite of faxing utilities (server, client etc) that's been ported to OS X. I does need to be compiled though.. do a Versiontracker search for FAX in the OS X section.

    With OS 9, i can't help, though i would imagine that some network fax solution exists..

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    jeff79mjeff79m Posts: 37member

    OS X, in fact OS 9 will not even be used
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