Website Designers : Dreamweaver vs. Web Objects?

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i'm completely new to the mac forums and wanted to get a general opinion on what application do mac users use? dreamweaver or web objects? i hear dreamweaver is a better application and easy to use... is this true?

also...for creating websites, what domain register and hosting company do most mac users prefer? in the past i've used godaddy and 1&1.

opinions welcome...


new macuser.


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    I'm a recent switcher and have found JEdit to be perfect for my needs for building websites, the syntax highlighting is superb

    Personally I use for domains aswell as hosting, their pricing is reasonable and the reliablilty is excellent. The only downside I've found is theres no phone support, just email tickets, but the staff respond to them very quickly when you rarely need to use them.

    Oh, and as for opinons .... dont use dreamweaver, can't stand the program!
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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    WebObjects is not in the same category as DreamWeaver. WebObjects is an enterprise level web application framework that happens to have a small web page builder. It is a much bigger brother to Dreamweaver Ultradev, not DreamWeaver.
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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    thanks for the clarification... i've used mostly pc's where netobjects was mostly used for designing websites, yet i'm still in the beginning phase on the mac applications...
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    For domain and hosting I use Very competative prices with full flexability, fantastico, more than ample space and bandwidth, great customer support, and free domain with purchases of hosting for a certain period of time (I think one or two years). For packages of less time, domains are about $10/year. With a two year comitment you will be paying around $7.95 a month with no domain cost.
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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    i guess you can say that is a bit overrated?
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