front row update available now?

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So from the keynote Steve said the update for front row, and the ipods was available now. However my software updater says I am up to date. I am running a 17'' iMac core duo.

Can anyone clarify the availibility of the front row update with shared playlists?


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    gm7cadd9gm7cadd9 Posts: 68member
    Ha, I knew it, as soon as I posted the topic the software update pops up, I swear I have been checking every hour on the hour!
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Im at FR...What differences do you notice?
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    gm7cadd9gm7cadd9 Posts: 68member
    a little buggy at first, after restarting I made the mistake of opening front row before itunes, to which it prompted me to download the latest version of itunes (which I just did) so I launch itunes, agree to the EULA, then I get no sound from itunes, none, or from front row, I hear system sounds, but nothing else, a restart fixed that real quick.

    the Shared playlists are about as buggy as I expected, it really depends on your network, if a user disconnects while you are connected you get a spinning wheel for quite a while and the computer is non-responsive for quite a while. I am sure the little bugs will be worked out soon, in the meantime I love front row, I never expected to love it either.
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